AI ecosystem at work with the SimpleOne platform
Boost productivity and automate workflows with generative AI on the SimpleOne platform

Ainergy Features

  • Workflow Editor for AI
  • Automated AI workflow templates
  • Software Development Automation
  • AI assistants
  • Intelligent Widgets
  • Collaborative AI agents
  • Integration with systems: ITSM, CRM, SDLC
  • Integration with any solutions on the SimpleOne platform

Widget examples

  • AI Audio Transcriber

    A tool for automatic translation of voice information into text format. Supports classification of voice streams into different speakers.
    Widget for spreading information from audio to system record fields
    Provides intelligent extraction of information from call and meeting recordings, the extracted information is structured and automatically distributed to the fields of the record card in the system.

  • AI Assistant

    A neural network based neural machine transcriber of audio recordings. Helps convert audio or video into text for further processing.

  • AI Translators

    An artificial intelligence tool that is used to translate text into different languages. It works by analyzing the source text and determining its context, and then creating a translation that matches that context. AI Translator can be used to translate documents, web pages, and other textual materials.

Benefits of the solution

Solutions are suitable for different business areas
Innovation and Relevance
Application of advanced artificial intelligence technologies
Saving resources
Reducing the cost and time of business processes
Solutions easily integrate with all SimpleOne products

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