Vendor Customer Service Management SimpleOne Soon

Get information about installations and products without being in the loop of their use

The VCSM solution will be useful in situations

Having difficulty tracking license or compute resource usage across your products
Building your own cloud and on-premise B2B products in a vendor role
Lack of order in dealing with their customers and partners
Autosupport SimpleOne is part of the larger Vendor Customer Service Management (VCSM) class solution for the maintenance and integrated management of customers, partners and contracts.
The functionality of the autosupport module covers the vendor’s operational tasks in terms of automatic registrations of new installations, aggregation of information about the use and utilization of the infrastructure, as well as failures that occur, it is part of the VCSM product, the functionality of which will be expanded and finalized.


  • Automatically register new installations of your product
  • Aggregate information on resource utilization and utilization
  • Infrastructure change response mechanism and CMDB synchronization
  • Automatic creation of events, infrastructure incidents and other ITSM entities
  • Automatically display infrastructure items in the application as configuration units according to the actual state
  • Aggregate failures and display aggregated status with drill-down capability across tiers (Location, Site, Consumer) and infrastructure elements in the application
  • Real-time response to critical events (incidents, escalation, alerts, RMA)
  • Automatic management of vendor hardware part replacement (RMA)
  • Support Contracts entity and their mapping to customer instances
  • Filtering of export scoping in autosupport (cleaning up some sensitive information)
  • Knowledge base to ensure “good standing” for consumers of your products – partners and customers
  • The ability to initiate a Push request for an automated customer support process

Solution that is convenient for everyone

Get real-time health and infrastructure information

Virtual infrastructure performance data
Over-Provisioning and overcommit resources
Retrospective performance and utilization data
Resource Utilization

Benefits of using Vendor Customer Service Management

Rapid response to system changes
Rational use of your computing resources and time
Getting situational awareness while out of the loop of systems operation
Receive aggregated data (executive summary)

Feedback on VCSM SimpleOne

Evgenij Gavrilov
vStack Project Manager
Узнать подробнее
“The VCSM solution has brought tremendous value to the vStack product, as the area of business value has significantly expanded towards the enterprise segment, where users are used to the availability of operational monitoring, control and support tools from vendors. vStack has gained another exceptional enterprise-level product advantage not available from competitors.”
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