SimpleOne ITAM

SimpleOne ITAM

Optimize the accounting and handling of your company's IT assets and simplify reporting and control of IT spending.
Automate the tracking and management of IT assets throughout their lifecycle, including optimizing hardware and organizing all up-to-date information about the IT park.

SimpleOne solutions are already in use

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Features of SimpleOne ITAM

Lifecycle Management
Essential tools for managing hardware IT assets throughout the asset lifecycle: tasks from asset registration to write-off/disposal.
Contract Management
Capabilities to manage contracts required for IT assets for maintenance or warranty, new purchase or disposal.
Single Window for IT Assets
Capabilities to visualize tasks for all IT assets in a single system, including inventory, working with IT asset requests and moves between warehouses or branch offices.
ITSM Connector - ITAM
With SimpleOne ITSM, seamless integration is possible for interconnecting asset-related ITSM call and service request processes with ITAM tasks.
Financial Accounting
Transparent planning and control of financial flows regarding assets throughout their lifecycle will reduce financial risks and optimize budgets.

ITAM system built on a low-code platform

Business Applications
Applications created using platform tools and executed in an environment provided by the platform. Applications are customizable and scalable by platform tools.

ESM – platform (Enterprise Service Management)
A set of service tools and practices for scaling the ESM approach.

LCAP (Low Code Application Platform)
A platform for building applications with minimal code usage.

SimpleOne Platform - Low-code builder for self-development of business application without vendor involvement

Benefits of implementing SimpleOne ITAM

IT Asset Management Automation
No more Excel, mail queries, siloed information and lack of transparency: ITAM – the system for integrated management.
A single tool for IT department
When linked to an ITSM system, services and assets can be managed in a single window – working with requests, issuing IT assets, approvals, etc.
Optimizing IT costs
Transparent accounting and asset management allows to avoid losses and thefts, generate reconciliations and reports to optimize budgets.
Extensive customization options
SimpleOne ITAM is based on low-code and no-code tools, and the portal interface is implemented using editable widgets.

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Manage the lifecycle of IT assets

SimpleOne ITAM implements all the necessary entities and processes to manage the full lifecycle of IT assets.

Additional features

Mobile app
The PWA app automatically adapts to the mobile version and does not take up device memory. A stable internet connection is sufficient to access it.
Integration with systems
The integration uses REST API technology, which allows you to easily configure both incoming and outgoing connections.
Service Portal
A ready-made portal with a library of tools (service catalog, knowledge base, personal user account, etc.) that can be easily customized and branded.
Dashboards and reports
Clear presentation of information and interactive analytics in dashboards allow you to monitor the state of affairs and make prompt management decisions.

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