SimpleOne ITSM

SimpleOne ITSM

IT Service Management - IT process automation system in accordance with ITIL best practices
Enhance the quality of IT service delivery by automating operations and increasing the efficiency of the IT Department, Service Desk and other business processes of the company.

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SimpleOne ITSM solution features

  • Problem Management

    Reduce the likelihood and impact of incidents by identifying real or possible causes, and managing workarounds and known errors.


    Reduce the number of incidents occurring and minimize their impact on the organization's business processes.

  • Incident Management

    Early detection, fast and effective resolution of incidents. Restore normal service operation in the fastest way possible.


    Minimizing the impact of incidents on the organization's business processes.

  • Change Management

    Automate all change lifecycle management, effective risk assessment, change control, and change schedule management.


    Ensure effective and timely implementation of changes with minimal disruption to IT services and reduced operational risks.

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  • Event Management

    Automate event response (incident logging, notification, control actions) and integration with monitoring technologies.


    Improved availability of services by prioritizing and identifying patterns in logged events

  • Configuration Management (CMDB)

    Manage IT configuration elements and provide accurate and reliable information about service components and their relationships.


    Timely identification of discrepancies between CMDB data and the actual state of configuration items to prevent negative events.

  • Service Level Management

    Define business metrics (SLA, OLA, etc.) that correspond to the target customer service level, and perform analysis of the services provided to verify that they meet the needs of the organization and its customers.


    Services are properly delivered, assessed, monitored and managed in line with business objectives and ITSM approach.

  • Service Catalog Management

    Ensuring that service data is accurate and up to date.


    Create and maintain a single, consistent source of information on all services.

  • Knowledge Management

    Accumulate, update and effectively use knowledge in the organization. Providing convenient and quick access to the knowledge base.


    Improved performance by making informed decisions and reducing the need for repeated searches for knowledge and material. Reduced workload for specialists through self-solving by applicants.

  • Service Request Management

    Convenient and fast technology for registering requests, their efficient processing. Automation of independent solution of typical tasks, realization of complex complex requests affecting different departments.


    Increased employee satisfaction and productivity through complete fulfillment and timely processing of service requests.

ITSM system built on the SimpleOne platform

Business Applications
Applications created using platform tools and executed in an environment provided by the platform. Applications are customizable and scalable by platform tools.

ESM – platform (Enterprise Service Management)
A set of service tools and practices for scaling the ESM approach

LCAP (Low Code Application Platform)
A platform for building applications with minimal code usage

SimpleOne Platform - Low-code builder for self-development of business application without vendor involvement

Benefits of implementing SimpleOne ITSM

Preconfigured Processes
Allows you to quickly implement and start using the SimpleOne ITSM system, the ability to customize the settings for a variety of approaches to IT service management.
Additional tools
Improve user experience when managing IT processes (checklists; labor accounting; quick responses; omnichannel support; ability to connect ML algorithms, chatbots, collecting feedback and evaluating the quality of service delivery).
Process Adaptation
Without spending a lot of resources on programming by using the basic and unique features of the SimpleOne platform on which the ITSM solution is developed.

Additional features

Service Portal
A ready-to-use portal with a library of tools (service catalog, knowledge base, user account, etc.) that can be easily customized and branded.
Dashboards and reports
Clear presentation of information and interactive analytics in dashboards allow you to monitor the state of affairs and make prompt management decisions.
Access from mobile devices
The interface of the ITSM system is adapted for different devices, which allows you to use the application from a computer, laptop and mobile devices. A special mobile application has also been developed for access from mobile devices.
Integration with messengers
Thanks to integration with popular messengers, it is possible to submit requests and process applications via Telegram, Slack, etc.

Integration with other IS

  • SimpleOne ITSM integrates with any software: collaborative systems, ERP systems, virtualization environments, authentication software, etc., as well as chatbots.
  • The REST API technology is used for integration, which allows easy customization of both inbound and outbound connections.

Transforming ITSM into an ESM system
Extend the best IT service delivery methodologies to all service departments (HR, ACH, finance, legal, etc.) by creating a unified corporate ESM system and using the latest version of ITIL standards.

SimpleOne’s Achievements

Winner in three categories of the «ITSM Project of the Year 2024» contest with SimpleOne implementation projects in Softline GC, BCS Investment World and ALROSA.
The SimpleOne implementation project for the Monetka retail chain won the «Best IT Management Project» category of the GlobalCIO 2023 Project of the Year competition.
The project of SimpleOne ESM system implementation in MTS-Bank won in the «ITIL principles» category of the «ITSM project of the year 2023» contest.

Feedback on SimpleOne ITSM

  • Vitaly Gritsai
    Executive Director of ITGLOBAL.COM
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    “We migrated our ITSM system to SimpleOne. The costs associated with license fees have been significantly reduced, and the speed of implementation of new enhancements has increased. In the future, the system should cover all service business processes of the company.”
  • Sergey Kuznetsov
    Director of corporate clients (Systematica, part of GKS)
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    “We have received a modern, flexible and scalable solution, which is not only adapted to our requirements for service efficiency, but also serves as a reliable base for launching new services and further scaling.”
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