SimpleOne platform is a modern low-code constructor that allows automating business processes in service departments in accordance with the ESM (Enterprise Service Management) concept.
Accelerate enterprise business application development and automate service delivery processes in your company’s service departments without vendor involvement

SimpleOne platform design

Business Applications
Applications created using platform tools and executed in an environment provided by the platform

ESM – platform (Enterprise Service Management)
A set of service tools and practices for scaling the ESM approach

LCAP (Low Code Application Platform)
A platform for building applications with minimal code usage

SimpleOne Platform - Low-code builder for self-development of business application without vendor involvement

The SimpleOne platform is already being used

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Service Tools of the SimpleOne Platform

At the heart of the ESM concept is a service approach, where all departments of a company are considered as service providers for internal or external customers.

  • ESM-platform allows to apply the best practices of service management (ITIL, VeriSM) in all departments of the company: IT department, HR department, administrative department, financial, legal services, etc.
  • The SimpleOne platform helps to build business processes in the company and systematize the work of different departments in a single digital environment.
  • Thanks to the implementation of the ESM-platform, customer satisfaction increases and the risks of downtime of key business processes are minimized.
  • Catalog and Service Portfolio Management

    The platform allows you to create and categorize services for each department. Unlimited hierarchy levels, generating models of typical requests, differentiating access to service catalogs increase the efficiency of service portfolio management.

  • Service Level Management (SLA)

    The platform allows you to record and manage contractual obligations. Tracking quantitative and qualitative metrics (time standards, service availability percentages, customer satisfaction) helps deliver services at an agreed upon level.

  • Knowledge Management

    The platform contains convenient tools for accumulation and systematization of knowledge, allows creating separate knowledge bases for different departments and tasks. Full-text information retrieval and end-to-end integration into processes helps to effectively utilize knowledge in service delivery.

  • Task management

    The platform allows to manage tasks within the framework of rendered services: prioritize, assign to performers, coordinate, delegate, track and evaluate the results of execution. Different types of task presentation (tabular, graphical, board view) allow to efficiently organize the work of teams on tasks.

  • Ensuring communications

    The platform helps to organize interaction between all process participants within a single activity feed. The omnichannel environment allows for continuous communication while providing services.

  • Approval Management

    The approval mechanism implemented on the platform allows you to organize any routes and decision-making principles for any tasks and documents.

  • Regulatory and Reference Information Management (RRIM)

    The platform contains ready-made directories of the organizational structure of companies, directories of time zones, locations and working calendars. The ability to create new and expand existing directories allows the platform to be used as a master data management system.

  • Managing KPIs, metrics and reporting

    The platform allows you to collect metrics on specified parameters, calculate and track performance indicators (KPIs), generate reports and dashboards necessary to assess the effectiveness of service delivery and management decision-making.

  • Labor cost management

    The platform allows you to record the time spent on tasks, track the distribution of work by areas, and generate a timesheet of labor costs. This functionality allows you to calculate the cost of services rendered and plan the necessary resources for their effective rendering in the future.

Service portal on SimpleOne platform
The SimpleOne platform includes a preconfigured portal with a personal user account, service catalog and knowledge base. The platform also allows to develop separate service portals for different tasks, both for internal users and external customers.

Benefits of SimpleOne’s Low-code platform

Development and implementation in the shortest possible time
The availability of low-code and no-code tools shorten the timeframe for system implementation and change realization. Integration tools ensure easy integration of solutions into the corporate information ecosystem
High performance
The platform supports high loads on large data volumes, ensuring system performance when a large number of users work simultaneously
The modern interface and implementation of the best user experience make working with the system convenient and understandable on any device

Integration with other applications

  • The SimpleOne platform can be integrated with any software: ERP-systems, EDMS, e-mail, industry solutions, as well as popular messengers (Telegram, Slack).
  • The platform allows employees to focus on tasks without having to switch between different software.

Domestic development
The SimpleOne platform has been included in the Register of Russian Software and can be used in import substitution projects

SimpleOne’s Achievements

Winner in three categories of the «ITSM Project of the Year 2024» contest with SimpleOne implementation projects in Softline GC, BCS Investment World and ALROSA.
The SimpleOne implementation project for the Monetka retail chain won the «Best IT Management Project» category of the GlobalCIO 2023 Project of the Year competition.
The project of SimpleOne ESM system implementation in MTS-Bank won in the «ITIL principles» category of the «ITSM project of the year 2023» contest.

SimpleOne Platform Reviews

  • Tatiana Kobzeva
    Head of HR at Servionics
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    “Instead of highly specialized HR programs, Servionics chose the ESM-platform SimpleOne, which allows digitalizing all the company’s service processes and linking them in a single system. The next stages of the project’s development will be work on processes in the economic, IT and legal areas.”
  • Inna Yakunina
    Head of Corporate Systems at Lorus Labs LLC.
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    “When implementing the project of automating personnel procedures in the SSC, we realized two-way integration of the SimpleOne platform with the “1C:ZUP” system, users work in one system, without the need to switch between different software.”
  • Roman Naumov
    Complete project manager
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    “Almost any business process can be automated on the SimpleOne platform. It includes all the necessary tools to customize the system for specific requirements or to create the necessary elements from scratch. Open API, visual editor of business processes, extension of Low-code functionality with JavaScript, support for widgets, good opportunities for importing data from structured text, scripts – incoming mail handlers – everything you need to independently develop your own configuration.”
  • Sergey Kuznetsov
    Director of Corporate Client Relations,
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    “By creating Service Desk on the SimpleOne platform, we got a modern, flexible and scalable solution, which is not only adapted to our requirements for service efficiency, but also serves as a reliable base for launching new services and further scaling.”
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