SimpleOne SDLC

SimpleOne SDLC

Management system for software product and solution development based on agile methodologies
Automate your software solution development and lifecycle management process with Agile methodologies

SimpleOne solutions are already in use

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Differences between SimpleOne SDLC and universal PM systems

SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM system

Product granularity as infinitely nested modules
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM-system
Tying project development to a specific product or module
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM system
Manage and track product backlog and releases
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM system
Agile product portfolio management toolkit
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM system
Building Product Hierarchy
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM System
Integration with version control systems
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM system
Integration with ITSM-system from SimpleOne
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM-system
High flexibility and ease of complex system customization, without loss of performance and stability
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM system
Support for development environment separation, versioning, merging and automatic migration of enhancements between system instances
SimpleOne SDLC
Universal PM system

E2E ITSM processes in development management

  • Formulating the technical debt of the product
  • Prioritization of tasks based on ITSM elements
  • Accessibility of ITSM entities in tasks
  • Advanced notifications on task movements
  • Scheduling and approval of new product versions as a change request in the ITSM system
SimpleOne Platform - Low-code builder for independent business application development without vendor involvement

Benefits of SimpleOne SDLC

Improving efficiency
Development teams improve their efficiency with implemented Agile methodologies
Transparency and coordination
Transparent and easily managed development process through product portfolio, task typing and product reporting
Resource optimization
Workload planning and time tracking optimize development team resources
Customization and adaptation
Users and processes adapt faster with team development tools and the availability of No-code and Low-code

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Who the SimpleOne SDLC is suitable for

SimpleOne SDLC is suitable for all types of businesses when needed:

  • Organize team development and enhancements of both internal and external products.
  • Replace imported solutions with full data and functionality migration.
  • Consolidation of data and development processes in a single system.
  • Customization of the system and automation of processes due to changes in business requirements.
  • Integration of the development system into the unified SimpleOne ecosystem.

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